Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt is a six time DCI finalist visual designer, 8 time BOA finalist visual designer and a multi medalist designer in WGI percussion. 

Recently, Jeremy has written for three different drum corps finalist.  The Cavaliers (2023), The Phantom Regiment (2015), Spirit of Atlanta (2010-2013), and the Colts (2007-2009).  Since 2004 Jeremy has designed for multiple BOA Grand National Finalists, Semifinalists and regional finalist;  Most recently with Leander High School and Jenks High School.  Leander High School was named the 2019 & 2016 BOA class AAA national champion.  He has written for Ten UIL (Texas) State Finalist bands since 2008 and 16 state championship bands throughout the country. 

His notable WGI percussion ensembles are Homer Hanna HS who finished 7th place in PSW at the 2015 & 2017 World Championships, North Shore HS with a 4th place finish in 2014, and Mariner HS the 2006 PSA gold medalist.  Additionally, 21 of his groups have medaled in the Texas Colorguard circuit since 2012

In addition to designing, Jeremy has also taught and judged in several different capacities. He was on the visual staff with Carolina Crown, Glassmen, and the Madison Scouts where he served as Visual Caption Head. Jeremy also serves as a judge for Winter Guard International and has presented clinics for WGAZ and the Texas Bandmasters. Jeremy attended Western Kentucky University and currently resides in Austin, TX.