Color Guard Equipment Work

    • Full Show


      This covers every piece of equipment from count 1 to the end of your show.  All work is written appropriately to the level of your guard to maximize the success of your students. 

    • IMpact Choreography

      Get those big moments looking great by hiring a professional to design for the greatest impact. This option normally covers 4-6 moments throughout the program and can be a good option with your budget in mind.

    • Rifle/Sabre


      Whether your guard is new to the equipment or is at a more experienced level, this supplemental option can be available to fill require areas of your program. This option can also work well if the guard is led by someone less experienced with rifle and sabre writing. 

    • Prop


      Not all pieces of equipment meet the writing requirements of traditional color guard equipment. This option is available for those situations that call for a custom approach and prop specific writing skills. From umbrellas to hoberman spheres, we can find the right choreographic fit for your needs.